Marlins Ballpark

Marlins Home Run Feature
from field
Marlins Home Run Feature
with operable walls open
Marlins Home Run Feature
with walls open and Miami skyline
Marlins Home Run Feature
Marlins Home Run Feature

Home Run Celebration

The home run celebration at Marlins Ballpark rises 63 feet over center field. It features a marlin leaping out of the water and returning with a big splash, as another marlin rises 14 feet in the air does a backflip. Seagulls fly in a circle, flamingos flap their wings, and colorful waves oscillate from side to side, all in a colorful display of LED lights. This celebration lasts about 35 seconds, roughly the time it takes a player to round the bases.

Uni-Systems worked closely with multimedia artist Red Grooms to turn his artistic vision into a full scale piece of moving art. Engineers designed the overall structure as well as the mechanisms that drive the dancing components. Uni-Systems also oversaw the fabrication of all artwork and the installation of the entire feature at the ballpark.

‘The Marlins’ sculpture is like nothing we have done before for a home run feature, and to my knowledge it’s like nothing anyone else has ever done before for a home run feature.’ said Chris Morgan, the project manager for Uni-Systems. Uni-Systems also designed and installed the Marlins Ballpark retractable roof mechanization, as well as the train that rides along the Minute Maid Park outfield wall, and the home run apple at Citi Field.

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