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Residential Pool Enclosure

While summer in the Rockies is beautiful, it is by no means lengthy, which is why the client asked Uni-Systems to extend their swimming season. Uni-Systems was able to create exactly what the owners were looking for – a heated swimming enclosure that family and friends can enjoy year-round.

The pool enclosure consists of two fixed end sections, and a single operable roof panel, that spans between the two end sections.  The total area enclosed by the retractable roof panel is approximately 107 feet by 44 feet. The operable panel consists of a wheeled frame that rides flush mounted on steel rails that run the length of the pool. When in the open position, the operable panel stacks out of the way, over the new mechanical/storage building. The rails are completely level, and the tops of the rails are flush with the pool deck.

A point of interest is the “hidden” track, known as a kerf. The kerf is filled with a hollow, light grey foam, that provides a flush surface for foot traffic over the rails but can be compressed as the panel wheels pass over a specific area.  The rail foundation surface is also sloped to drain water away from the enclosure.

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