Envision the En-Fold® Architectural-Grade Retractable Fabric Awning

The world's most durable, sophisticated, and luxurious retractable tensile canopy system.

High-performance. Retractable. Tensile strength. You can experience the elegance of En-Fold® solutions in rooftop restaurants and commercial settings in this one-minute by watching this short video

All of our products offer En-Fold®’s industry-leading weather protection, durability, long life-span, and technology.

En-Fold®offers customers many flexible solutions through both our customized solutions and more affordable Standard Unit Systems (SUS)

Award-winning En-Fold® architectural-grade retractable awnings are designed, engineered, and manufactured by Uni-Systems—recognized leader in kinetic architecture, with roots in the Apollo Space Program.

Since the 1990’s we have led technological innovation in retractable stadium roof mechanization and control systems. Today, En-Fold® retractable awnings bring this precision and robust performance to outdoor spaces of all kinds.

En-Fold® brings together the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create industry-leading solutions and lasting value for your outdoor spaces.

Our History

En-Fold®’s story began in the 1960s with Uni-Systems—the American engineering company that invented technology to move Atlas rockets at Cape Canaveral. In the 1970s and 80s, Uni-Systems applied its breakthrough movement engineering to retractable stadium roofs. In 2012, we created En-Fold® to bring our stadium-grade retractable awning expertise to small businesses, restaurant and entertainment locations, parks and arts venues.

Retractable Awning for restaurants and residentials