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About Uni-Systems

Who is Uni-Systems?

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018, Uni-Systems is recognized as the leading designer and advocate of kinetic architecture, creating transformative, mechanized structures that change with climate, need or purpose. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Uni-Systems earned its reputation as a world-class leader in motion technology by profitably completing more than 120 projects for the military, aircraft, and entertainment industries over the last fifty years.

The company has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of engineers capable of handling all aspects of integrated, movable structures from design development through fabrication management, installation, and maintenance. This highly capable team tackles complex challenges and provides Uni-Systems’ customers with reliable, cost-effective solutions that integrate large-scale, mechanized features for use in multiple market situations. Primary applications include retractable roofs for sports and entertainment arenas, and aircraft maintenance platforms. Additional applications include retractable fields, movable seating, and other innovative solutions that bring static structures to life.

Uni-Systems has excellent project success, safety, and reliability records. The company’s project management expertise assures that large-scale projects are consistently delivered on time and within budget.

Uni-Systems History

Uni-Systems was established in 1968 from the invention of a remote-controlled yard gate. Founder Cyril Silberman purchased industrial property for a fabrication shop and devised a system to protect it from vandalism. He patented his creation, which lead to business in the development of large, movable structures.

The company initially was commissioned for military-based work related to the Vietnam war, and at this time 80% of Uni-Systems’ business came from the government. Uni-Systems later turned to the airline industry to apply its expertise, developing specialty doors for a Northwest Airlines hangar after the airline purchased the 747, a wide-body airplane, which was too large for the traditionally-sized space. Uni-Systems has a long history of serving the global aviation industry. A core component of the aerospace industry that Uni-Systems serves is the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MR&O) market. As an example, Uni-Systems designed and created a unique solution — the Uni-Dock — to assist maintenance crews servicing airplanes. This product is widely used in the United States and abroad.

Having built its credibility in both the airline industry and with the military, Uni-Systems attracted attention for movable roofs for sports arenas because of its unique delivery systems.

The company entered the booming sports stadium industry by invitation in the mid-1990s: Uni-Systems was asked to provide a solution for the retractable roof at Minute Maid Park, prospective home of the Houston Astros.

Subsequently, Uni-Systems provided the mechanization systems and related engineering services for a facility that has since been described as a “jewel” of major league baseball.

En-Fold is proudly manufactured with the highest degree of precision and quality in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The company has designed, fabricated, and installed the mechanization components for six of the last eight retractable sports stadium roofs built in North America, including Reliant Stadium, Minute Maid Park, University of Phoenix Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, and Marlins Ballpark.

En-Fold, the world’s first and only pre-engineered, stadium-grade, fully-automated, retractable fabric awning, is a product of fifty years of engineering, design and honed expertise. These systems are ideal for upscale commercial and luxury residential applications, in addition to premier entertainment facilities. En-Fold employs the same technology and programmable systems as the large-scale, stadium-sized retractable awnings, the same level of expertise, collaboration, and precision went into En-Fold’s design and development: When you buy En-Fold, you experience the same level of sophistication as in any major facility around the world.