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In building a 20-acre mall complex in downtown Salt Lake City, the City Creek Center designers wanted to give the pedestrian traffic an experience they can’t find anywhere else.

The mall complex comprises two separate buildings joined by a skywalk, and each building has stores placed around a centered walkway. Above the walkway are retractable skylights that provide year-round protection from snow, rain, and wind, but can be fully retracted out of sight to give patrons an outdoor and natural experience while shopping.

A full sealing system ensures that the indoor environment of the mall is comfortable when the roof is closed, though the day’s natural light is still abundant inside. Finally, to protect mall patrons and the structure itself, the roof will lock in position, protecting the roof from earthquakes.

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Rectractable roof at City Creek CenterRectractable roof at City Creek Center

Project Information

Jacobsen Construction Company
Project Scope: 
Design, Fabricate, Install
Project Engineer: 
Mark Silvera
Hobbs + Black Architects
General Contractor: 
Jacobsen Construction Company