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Villa Azur Miami restaurant occupies a portion of the Palm Court building located in the heart of Miami Beach. The Villa Azur restaurant project consists of a single En-Fold® retractable canopy system measuring 49’-1 9/16” in extension by 38’-9 5/8” wide, covering an area of 1,938 square feet. The two-drive beam En-Fold retractable canopy covers the entire interior courtyard.

As with many dining and hospitality establishments in South Florida, regularly occurring pop-up showers tend to shy away customers. To provide the best outdoor dining experience (as well as a healthy ROI), the owner of Villa Azur requested an En-Fold® retractable canopy to protect their patrons from having to make a bee line indoors at the first sign of rain, while at the same time retaining the unique character of the titular palm court terrace.

The Palm Court building is a complex of structures originally built in the 1920s with wings added more recently. As is often the case with vintage construction, careful planning went into the design and installation of two 38’ long HSS12x8 transfer beam members that span the courtyard between the older and newer buildings so they could accommodate dimensional variance. Two 50’ long, pre-cambered HSS12x8 beams were also used for strong backs connected to the transfer beams and supporting our two En-Fold® drive beams, each of which had to be spliced together to achieve the length of the courtyard.

The completed En-Fold® retractable canopy’s unique bi-axially tensioned fabric soars over the courtyard, keeping Villa Azur restaurant customers dry and shaded so they can relax and enjoy palm court dining and event activities rain or shine.

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Canopy from aboveCanopy below from balconyCanopy extendedCanopy retractingCanopy retractedCanopy flashing on west wall

Project Information

Villa Azur Miami Beach
Completion Date: 
Project Scope: 
Design and Supply of the En-Fold® retractable canopy system
Project Engineer: 
GLR Engineers
Kenneth Dyman, DAFA Design
Engineer of Record: 
Felipe Martinez, Architecture and Engineering Solutions
Fabric Fabricator: 
Lightweight Mfg
Steel Fabricator: 
Sierra Metals
General Contractor: 
Miami Awning
Miami Awning
Plan Area: 
1,938 sq ft
Design Wind Load: 
+30psf/-30psf ASD
En‐Fold Retractable Canopy: 

Unit 1: En-Fold® retractable canopy

• Extension: 49’-1 9/16”

• Width: 38’-9 5/8”

• Number of Drive Beams: 2

• Fabric: Serge Ferrari Flexlight Xtrem TX30-Type II