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En-Fold®, the pinnacle of Quality and Luxury in a Retractable Awning

En-Fold® is the world’s first and only pre-engineered, stadium-grade, fully-automated, retractable fabric awning for upscale commercial and luxury residential applications.

En-Fold® fills a key niche in the market between “off-the-shelf” retractable awnings with limited lifespans, minimal spanning, and poor wind load capabilities and custom-designed “one-off” retractable tensile membrane structures that are usually too expensive to build and own. With an En-Fold® stadium-grade retractable awning, you get all the advantages of the latter, at a far more affordable price.

En-Fold® retractable awnings are so robust and durable
they boast a lifespan of more than 25 years.

The size, complexity, and flexibility of the system make for a best-in-class solution—and the only stadium-grade retractable awning on the market. En-Fold® can safely remain fully deployed in winds up to 90 mph and is available in a variety of configurations to fit any space.

A Remarkably Luxurious Experience

When En-Fold® is retracted, its minimalist design allows for virtually unimpeded views of the sky. When quietly deployed, an En-Fold® retractable awning instantly transforms any space into an oasis of comfort and tranquility.

On sunny hot days, En-Fold®’s high-tech fabric membrane shades and cools, softly diffusing just the right amount of sunlight to eliminate glare yet keeping the space well lit and comfortable. During rain, En-Fold® sheds water effortlessly, keeping the space dry and usable. At night, with lighting, En-Fold® retractable awnings come to life with a soft glow—an irresistible beacon of ultimate luxury.

En-Fold® retractable awning any climate or environment

For commercial building owners, an En-Fold® stadium-grade retractable awning transforms exterior areas of your property into dependably usable, revenue-generating, fully programmable spaces.

Combining effortless operation, assured protection and comfort, and a sleek and refined aesthetic, an En-Fold® stadium-grade retractable awning often can become the iconic architectural signature of a facility and a powerful draw for new and returning patrons.

En-Fold® retractable awning for commercial building

For building owners who rely on outdoor spaces for generating revenue, En-Fold® pays for itself in a surprisingly short period of time. This is because En-Fold® ensures the use of the outdoor space regardless of weather conditions—rain, shine, even snow. En-Fold® produces documented returns on investment (ROI) in as few as just 24 months. Learn more about ROI calculations.

Also, because En-Fold® is retractable and considered a temporary structure by some building authorities, it may not contribute to your facility’s Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculation, allowing you to dramatically increase square-footage.

Employ En-Fold® stadium-grade retractable awnings over pools, patios, tennis courts, and any other outdoor gathering space.

For luxury homeowners, the En-Fold® stadium-grade retractable awning system is for those who demand the absolute pinnacle of quality, comfort, convenience, and sheer beauty for the outdoor spaces around their home.

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En-Fold® retractable awning for commercial and residentials