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This Uni-Systems En-Fold® is installed at the Andaz Rooftop, a luxurious restaurant and lounge atop a historic San Diego hotel. The system uses spliced idler beams to cover a width of 68’, and extends 25’ at the push of a button to protect patrons from rain, wind, and excessive sun. In addition to the En-Fold, this system includes automated roll-up curtains which can be lowered to further enclose the space, allowing patrons to remain comfortable in driving rain and high winds. A smaller non-retracting En-Fold is installed in the entryway of the rooftop, keeping patrons protected as they travel from the elevator to the lounge area.

The En-Fold® is installed with PVC coated fabrics woven from high tenacity polyester micro-cables which are 100% recyclable and have a low coefficient of friction, making them resistant to dirt and much easier to clean. The materials are also flame retardant, and impervious to UV light, minimizing deterioration of their surfaces.

En-Fold’s modular design offers affordability that is not available with fully-customized designs, allowing for optimized performance and aesthetics, while also meeting the project budget requirements.

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Project Information

Nautilus General Contractors, Inc.
Completion Date: 
Project Scope: 
Design, Supply, Installation, and Technical Support
Project Engineer: 
Andrew Agosto, Uni-Systems
Project Manager: 
Rob Dengler, Uni-Systems
Engineer of Record: 
Steel Fabricator: 
Lightweight Manufacturing
Nautilus General Contractors, Inc.
Plan Area: 
2322 sq ft
Design Wind Load: 
30 psf
En‐Fold Retractable Canopy: 

Surface Area: 1679 sq ft

Extension: 24’-7”

Width: 68’-3”

Number of Drive Beams: 4

Fabric: Serge Ferrari Precontraint® 1002 S2

Fabric Pretension: 10 lbs. per inch

Fixed En-Fold canopy: 

Surface Area: 643 sq ft

Extension: 14’-4”

Width: 45’

Number of Support Beams: 4

Fabric: Serge Ferrari Precontraint® 1002 S2

Fabric Pretension: 10 lbs. per inch