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The designers at Meyer Davis Studio in New York came to Uni-Systems with a unique challenge; they were working on a modern, high-end residence in a rural setting and were in need of a sleek, minimalist canopy for a garden terrace. The lines of the home demanded a flat, planar canopy design that would fit within the narrow band of structure at the top of the very linear pergola. Yet the canopy needed to be functional. It needed to provide shade from the hot afternoon sun and shelter from the rain, while allowing sunlight to be filtered through.

The sleekest, most modern canopy design available was used, much to the client's delight. With the En-Fold® system’s all-aluminum construction and the Sefar® Tenara® 4T40 fabric that comprises the tensile membrane, the canopy is designed to last 25 years with minimal maintenance. The Class A-rated Tenara fabric resists staining, delaminating, cracking, or mildewing and can be cleaned with mild soap, water, and soft brush.

The fixed version of the En-Fold system is currently undergoing further refinement to make it function as a semi-fixed, manually tensioned, retractable canopy for hurricane-prone coasts. The intent of this new design is to allow for smaller-scale applications of the En-Fold system, where the fully retractable system may be cost prohibitive and where rapid retraction in the event of a forecasted severe weather event is required.

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Rectractable canopy for a garden terraceEn-Fold Awning for a garden terraceResidential Canopy

Project Information

Carter Group, LLC
Completion Date: 
Project Scope: 
Design, Supply, and Installation
Project Engineer: 
Tom Matzek, Uni-Systems
Project Manager: 
Rob Dengler, Uni-Systems
Meyer Davis Studio, Inc.
Engineer of Record: 
Phillip White Engineering, LLC
Fabric Fabricator: 
Lightweight Manufacturing
Trades Unlimited
Plan Area: 
603 sq ft
Design Wind Load: 
30 psf
En‐Fold Retractable Canopy: 

Surface Area: 603 sq ft

Extension: 25’-8”

Width: 23’-6”

Number of Support Beams: 2

Fabric: Sefar Tenara® 4T40

Fabric Pretension: 20 lbs. per inch