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Imagine yourself lounging on the rooftop terrace of the six-story R Hotel—Kingston’s first extended stay corporate hotel in the heart of Jamaica’s emerging business capital—a signature cocktail in hand from the outdoor bar or a plate of “Caribbean Fusion Cuisine” from the legendary Redbones Blues Cafe, gazing out at stunning views of the city and the nearby forested Blue Mountains, soaking up the soothing tropical atmosphere. Now imagine a gentle rain comes down from the mountains or perhaps thinking a refuge from the overhead sun would be nice, but you don’t want to retreat from such an entrancing vista. That’s the premium experience the developers of the R Hotel wanted to offer their guests. With their En-Fold® retractable canopy from Uni-Systems, hotel management ensures their clientele virtually unrestricted views of Kingston’s mountains and skyline, not to mention dining and dancing under the stars at night, all the while protecting patrons from excessive sun or dampening rain at the touch of a button—so nobody ever has to retreat indoors.

Extending 35 feet with a width of 21 feet, and anchored between two existing walls, the R Hotel’s two-drive beam En-Fold® retractable canopy system’s 735 square feet of durable Serge Ferrari Précontraint® 1002 S2 fabric panel coverage (lifespan of 20+ years) seems to effortlessly float above their rooftop terrace. Because Uni-Systems’ design expertly took advantage of existing building structure, it required no additional structural support such as steel columns or beams to bear the retractable canopy system loads, thus rendering the En-Fold® nearly “vanishing” when retracted, but also providing maximum protection against tropical sun, wind, and rain when extended.

Because of considerable experience with overseas locations (see En-Fold® projects One Forty Restaurant in Lana’i, Hawai’i; Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Guildford, England; Radisson Blu Edwardian-Leicester Square in London, England; and Hotel Charleston in Cartagena, Columbia) and seasoned field technicians, Uni-Systems efficiently navigated the logistical, technical, and procedural challenges that often accompany international construction projects.

From the vast experience Uni-Systems has gained since it began producing En-Fold® retractable canopy systems for the hurricane-prone tropical marine environment of Miami, Florida over 10 years ago, the management and guests of the R Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica can rest assured that their En-Fold® canopy will provide durable sun shade, and unyielding wind and rain shelter for years to come.

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En-Fold retractable awning at R Hotel KingstonEn-Fold retractable awning at R Hotel KingstonEn-Fold retractable awning at R Hotel KingstonEn-Fold retractable awning at R Hotel KingstonEn-Fold retractable awning at R Hotel KingstonEn-Fold retractable awning at R Hotel Kingston

Project Information

Evwill Limited Development Company
Completion Date: 
Project Scope: 
Design and supply of the En-Fold retractable fabric awning system
Design Collaborative
Engineer of Record: 
GLR Engineers
Fabric Fabricator: 
Lightweight Manufacturing
Plan Area: 
735 sq ft
Design Wind Load: 
+16psf/-43psf (LRFD); +16psf/-26psf (ASD)
En‐Fold Retractable Canopy: 

Extension: 35
Width: 21
Number of Drive Beams: 2
Fabric: Serge Ferrari Precontraint 1002 S2