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When the New York Mets needed a new stadium, they took their talent to Citi Field, the new home for the team. But true Mets fans knew that the team would never be complete without the Mets Home Run Apple.

Originally installed in 1980, the large prop apple would pop out of a top hat after a Mets home run. When Citi Field was constructed, the team wanted to do even better.

The new Home Run Apple is significantly larger and is adorned with LED lights that highlight the Mets logo. It can quickly pop out of its housing in center field to celebrate a Mets home run (or anything else worthy of celebration).

With the old apple resting comfortably near the bullpen entrance gate, the new Mets Home Run Apple is ready to give both new and familiar fans something to cheer about.

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Project Information

Broadway National
Project Scope: 
Design, Fabricate, Install
Project Engineer: 
Mark Silvera