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Swedbank Arena is designed to be a truly multi-purpose facility.

A two-panel retractable roof allows Swedbank Arena to operate year-round and protect guests from inclement weather, while still retaining the advantages of an open-air stadium when the weather is favorable.

Working with Hollandia b.v., a leader in European steel construction, Uni-Systems designed the mechanization and electrical control system for the retractable roof.

The retractable roof panels are supported by bogies that roll across 8 parallel, arched rails that span the width of the arena. Roof panels are operated through the use of motor-driven cable drums located within the arena structure. These drums spool and unspool the 10 cables anchored to the roof panels.

Panels are hoisted to the closed position in the center of the arena, and are retracted to the open position where they rest above the lower portion of the fixed roof and expose an open space of 110-meters by 60-meters.

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Project Information

Hollandia, b.v.
Project Scope: 
Project Engineer: 
Mike Becker
Berg Arkitektkontor, AB; Krook & Capercaillie; C.F. Møller; Populous